Does Quantity Equal Quality Online?


So, the regular saying goes Quantity does not Equal Quality.

Well if you are Google® Quantity does Equal Quality.

Many of Google’s® measures for SEO have been all about who has the Most

Age, Indexed pages, backlinks, and new content. What this has created are companies dedicated to the

creation of lots and lots of low quality content. These companies are in a so-called Content Arms race for ranking.

Where the weapons are Quantity of total content not Quality.

These companies are creating thousands of low quality pieces of content per day pictured Here.

This picture comes from Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis’ speech at the LA Signal Event. Calacanis has admitted

that Mahalo his company has been a part of this trend producing around 1,100 pieces of content per day. Now, he

is shifting towards quality of content and pleasing the searcher rather than the factory like generation of content.

“The one rule of working with Google is don’t make them look stupid. If you make ‘The Google’ look stupid, they’ll f- you up,” – Jason Calacanis ( article here )

This quote from Calacanis really illuminates the future of people who insist on creating a ton of junk content just for the purpose of ranking in the search engines.

What does this mean for entrepreneurs and marketers? Huge opportunity. Why?

Because the more people who say to the search engines we want quality content.

The more the people who give a damn (Experts) get the rankings they deserve.

Because at the end of the day people want content that is relevant according to other

people and not relevant according to a ROBOT!

So, does quantity equal quality? Well, for now but if you are inclined to write/produce content

take your time and  make it high quality with the searcher in mind . There are people who won’t listen

to this simple advice and continue to create massive amount of garbage content. Don’t be that guy or gal

because when Google® comes to clean it won’t be pretty.

Love and Respect,

Anjon Roy


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